The Cross Between

This is always the hardest thing to write.

Life is shrouded by contradictions. It is cloaked in constant state of paradox and duality. Even we are not a single faced creation. We are multifaceted. We have different attributes and feelings. We are both harmonious yet destructive. We may be the most beautiful creatures, yet we can have the ugliest tendencies. We might even be believers saved by grace, yet still walk in this sinful body of death. We decay because we are temporal, yet have eternal souls. We may even be atheists crying out for God. We are always crossing between something; we live in a constant state of limbo.

Somewhere in my own state of limbo, I was called out into a greater state of limbo and duality. I was called to die in order to live. I was called to hate in order to love. I know that I know not. If life could be black and white and every other colour, that’s how I’d see it.

The Cross Between is a platform I use to share my thoughts on a bunch of topics and concepts, and hope the reckonings with my mind can help you out as you wade through your own dualities and paradoxes.

It's also a platform I use to share my photography.


 picture by Alec Trent (instagram: @the.og.trent)

picture by Alec Trent (instagram: @the.og.trent)